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June is an artist, writer, speaker and advocate for self-empowerment. In 1999, illness overcame her life. During her unwavering search for physical wellness, she stumbled upon the subject of emotional wellness. This discovery led her down a path of self-empowerment for which she will always be grateful. It opened the doorway to her heart. As a result, she has spent a great deal of the past fourteen years focusing on personal growth and self-help. June’s mission is to share what she has learned with other people to support them on their wondrous and sometimes rocky journey. She conducts workshops, writes and paints to share her passion and wisdom with her fellow advocates for self-empowerment.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today is a New Day

Today is a new day. What do you want for yourself? What do you no longer wish to perpetuate? There is no reason you cannot stand strong and do today what you were unable to do yesterday. Don’t allow fear to dictate your life. Don’t allow your self-doubt and weaknesses to overcome your inner wisdom. Just stand strong one minute at a time if need be.  And, as each moment comes about, give yourself the chance to hang in there and stand strong. 
If you allow yourself to approach life one minute at a time, it is less difficult to move through. The moment at hand will seem far less difficult. It may even seem pleasant much to your surprise. I have made it through many difficult moments and with far less effort when I think this way. We truly make life far more difficult than it needs to be.  
When I stopped expecting the outside world to change for my benefit, my stress levels dropped dramatically. For some reason we think that when we engage in spiritual growth the world will become more peaceful…WRONG. You become more peaceful and are able to cope more easily because of your growth. The outside world will likely remain the same but you will be different. Don’t fight what is happening; embrace it and bless it, and look for how you can rise above it. Stand strong and know that you have what it takes to get beyond the obstacle you perceive before you.