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June is an artist, writer, speaker and advocate for self-empowerment. In 1999, illness overcame her life. During her unwavering search for physical wellness, she stumbled upon the subject of emotional wellness. This discovery led her down a path of self-empowerment for which she will always be grateful. It opened the doorway to her heart. As a result, she has spent a great deal of the past fourteen years focusing on personal growth and self-help. June’s mission is to share what she has learned with other people to support them on their wondrous and sometimes rocky journey. She conducts workshops, writes and paints to share her passion and wisdom with her fellow advocates for self-empowerment.

Friday, March 30, 2012

A Change Will do You Good!

When was the last time that you were excited about life? Don’t sit back and let life pass you by. Live it fully. Enact change one day at a time, one small step at a time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

No Forcing, No Fixing, No Judging

Action for the week:

Most people believe that forcing, fixing and judging will ensure success. These habits are taught to us early on in life and are reinforced on a regular basis. We honestly think that we are doing what is best. We are setting ourselves up for the future and avoiding potential problems. We see it as a way to defend ourselves from failure and misfortune.

Living life from this type of perspective can be counterproductive. It can actually create additional stress and fear. 

Please let me explain. When we force, fix and judge, we are typically in a defensive posture. We are reacting out of fear. Self-empowerment comes from a loving perspective. A perspective that embraces proactive measures and solutions. Moving from a place of wisdom and peacefulness. Essentially, we choose based on what is best for us.   

Think about it:  Take some time to think about some of the challenges you are currently facing. Allow yourself to see where you may be forcing, fixing and judging. Then carefully contemplate the questions below with the intention of creating a better reality for yourself. A reality based in love.

What would change for you if you embraced understanding and acceptance rather than forcing, fixing and/or judging? What would that feel like and how could it help?

How could you demonstrate tolerance and patience, and what benefit would it produce?   

What role is self-judgment playing in your perceived stressors and challenges?  
Are you trying to control what is happening? How can a loving approach improve the situation at hand?

If fear were to be removed from your perspective, how would you feel?
What would you think? 

Thought for the week:

Dismiss thoughts that do not move you from a place of wisdom and peacefulness. 

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Are you hard on yourself? Create a new habit...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Internally Grateful Weekly Newsletter, Volume 26: Just Be Happy

Are the words easier said than done going through your head? Depending on the day, it certainly could be true. Right?

Wrong. Happiness is a state that comes from within. It is something that you keep yourself from experiencing. Your thinking keeps it at bay. The day does not determine if you are happy, you do.

To be happy or not to be happy? That is the question.

It is a question that you answer each and every moment of the day. What is your answer to this fundamental question? I will share my answer:..