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June is an artist, writer, speaker and advocate for self-empowerment. In 1999, illness overcame her life. During her unwavering search for physical wellness, she stumbled upon the subject of emotional wellness. This discovery led her down a path of self-empowerment for which she will always be grateful. It opened the doorway to her heart. As a result, she has spent a great deal of the past fourteen years focusing on personal growth and self-help. June’s mission is to share what she has learned with other people to support them on their wondrous and sometimes rocky journey. She conducts workshops, writes and paints to share her passion and wisdom with her fellow advocates for self-empowerment.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What is your New Year's resolution?

Please consider sharing your New Year's resolution with other readers. It can be a very powerful way to reinforce what you plan to achieve in the new year. Putting it in writing makes it more tangible and real. It also makes you accountable. The new year is ripe with opportunity. Empower yourself and make a resolution that enables you to live how you truly desire to live.

Here is my resolution:

I resolve to have complete trust and faith in myself, what the universe brings about and in God (my heart, my inner wisdom, my higher self).

I chose this resolution because so many good things arise from faith and trust. Perhaps all good things!
I desire to trust and have faith 100% of the time so that is what I am pursuing.  

What about you? Make it bigger than you deem possible. Follow through with actions to bring it into your life!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Give yourself the gift of peace! (Internally Grateful Newsletter Volume 16)

Happy Holidays! 

Action for the week:

I want to help you feel good this week. This is my gift to you.
Certainly there are many things in our lives that we can feel concerned about, worry about and endlessly stress about. Unfortunately, we very easily connect with negativity and stress, and have to go all out to make a special effort to feel good about our lives. Well, here is your opportunity to give yourself the break that you need and feel good about your life.

Drop everything and go off into a quiet space...clear your head and focus on your breathing. Intend to feel good no matter what is happening in your life. Allow yourself to drop all your worries and cares. Allow yourself to connect on another level with yourself, deep within. Do this for a few minutes.

Keep breathing deeply and relax your body fully. Connect with your life force. See your current stress as a reflection of fear and nothing else. Know that you are not alone and that you have a loving voice within that would like to speak to you and help you find peace. Sit quietly and let your loving voice surface.

Ask your loving voice about any concerns that you have and openly receive its comfort. Ask for solutions and suggestions to help you feel good about what lies ahead. Ask your loving voice to relieve you of your stress and help you see life differently. See how your hurt yourself needlessly and take on a loving perspective.

Keep breathing and relaxing until you shift and see the light within. Be patient and just let it happen; take the time required to feel good and the light within.

Continue to feel good for a little bit longer. Feel this loving energy throughout heart paintingyour entire body and mind. See the light within in your mind's eye and feel it consume you.  

Thought for the week:

Let your loving voice consume you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Artwork

I have some of my artwork displayed in a wonderfully inviting and warm coffeehouse in Barrington. At the moment, four of my paintings are on display. The atmosphere is great and the coffee is absolutely superb. There are about six other artist's works on display. Be sure to have a cup of coffee. They sell locally roasted coffee beans too. You will enjoy it!

Here is a link to Cook St. Coffee in Barrington.

Feel Joyful

The holidays are upon us. This is a very stressful time for many people and for obvious reasons. Sometimes it is related to all the expectations we place on ourselves. Another major cause of distress are the ideals that we have regarding what we expect the holidays to feel like and actually be like. We often have expectations that are unrealistic. We want the perfect menu, to find the perfect gifts, and have perfect moments with the people that we care about. We have the holidays all perfectly designed and planned within our minds.

Too much importance is placed on creating perfection (our version of it) and expecting what the holidays should be. Starting now, let yourself feel and be joyful. Allow yourself to let go of your expectations, no matter how big and small they are, and feel joy instead.

We think that our distress is largely related to too much to do and all the other activities that the holidays bring, however, it is really related to how you feel inside. Stop trying so hard and go with the flow of life. Stop expecting and start accepting.

It is time to feel joy. Focus on allowing joy to be your priority. You can, you know that, right? Be driven by joy, not gifts, tasks, chores or making a good impression. You cannot control how other people act or what they choose to do, BUT you can choose to feel joy in spite of what others choose.

My holiday wish for you is that you will feel an abundance of joy. Give yourself the gift of joy above all else. This will make your holiday season truly perfect!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Internally Grateful Weekly Newsletter, Volume 14

Relax, it all will get done.
Action for the week:

I know that you have too much to do. We all do at times and sometimes all too often! This is when you have to be stronger than your conditioned mind. You have a story playing in your head and it goes something like this...

First the to-do-list is recited in your head. Then thoughts of how you can rush through the day and get a portion of it done. Or perhaps you are trying to figure out how you can get three weeks of tasks done in one day (like that is even the slightest bit realistic) and you feel pressured that you will never be able to get it all done. 

You body tenses up and then more feelings of inadequacy start surfacing and then you feel even worse than you did before. Not helpful in the least!

Unfortunately, many people excel at self-torture. I certainly have but I learned that very often it is just a bad habit. A habit that can be broken. You are not going to participate in any self-torture this holiday season. Here is what you are going to do to kick the habit:

When you start going to the dark places, pressuring yourself and feeling inadequate, simply stop yourself right then and there. Say to yourself that you are no longer going to play this game. It is a game after all. Tell yourself that you are going to be relaxed and that you are going to interject a new story: I will get it all done. 

If it is helpful make a list of what needs to be done and then write a realistic target date for completion. Do what is most important and urgent first. Don't add any drama to the process.

Another important thing to do is ask for help. Look
for ways to ease your burden and enlist a bit of help! 

Thought for the week:

I will get it all done. I feel relaxed and good
about my ability to get done what needs to get done.
Peace of mind is at the top of my list! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be thankful for and I want to express my deep gratitude to my readers and supporters.
You enable me to reach out to others and share my passion. This means a great deal to me.

Thank you for your support! I wish you and your families a loving and peaceful Thanksgiving Holiday!



Friday, November 18, 2011

Refuse to Define

One of the most liberating activities that we can do for ourselves is refuse to define; no longer assign an absolute meaning to people, places and things. Assign no absolutes to anything.

Why? We are not all that well informed about much of the stuff (people, places and things) that we define. Sure, we think that we are, but our view is very, very, very limited (imagine 1,000 verys before the word limited). Our worldview is based on our own experiences and our past. Our knowledge is limited as well. And, for those of you that have been on the path of self-empowerment, you do know that we have a tendency to judge and project. All of these elements dramatically affect our thinking and how we define the world around us.

When you refuse to define, it opens your mind to opportunities, to understanding and to peace. Possibilities start emerging instead of limitations, dread and fear. Creativity and imagination move into action; you can see what you were unable to before because you were making the stuff fit your small worldview.

The world is full of infinite possibilities and rich with opportunities when you decide to no longer define. It gives rise to a new and improved perspective and attitude. Growth and progress is the result. After all, growth and progress happen because we are willing to see something new, something that we did not see before. 

Liberate yourself and open your mind. Refuse to define and see something new, something that elevates you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Be an agent of change. ( Internally Grateful - Newsletter 11)

Action for the week:

Life is ours to create. Sometimes we forget that this is true. We give people, situations and circumstances the authority to rule our reality. We settle and accept what we truly find unacceptable. We look to others to save us (wouldn't that be great) instead of ourselves. We allow fear to rule instead of love.

We can change our situations and circumstances. We have the full authority to do so. We can be active participants in the creation of our reality or passive participants. The choice is always ours to make.

Take a few moments this week to think about something that has been troubling you. Something that you are having a difficult time being at peace with in your life. Allow yourself look at the situation with change in mind, with love in mind.

Ask yourself the following questions and thoughtfully answer them:

What do I really want out of this situation?

What am I creating?

Am I being an active or passive participant?

What do I need to understand to to change this situation and be more loving?

How can I become the authority in this situation and feel more peaceful?
 heart painting

Thought for the week:

Allow love be your ruling authority, love for yourself
and love for all.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet People Halfway

This is something that took me a while to fully understand. You can only meet people halfway. Being that I am a reformed people pleaser, I have learned that halfway is the only way. When we go beyond our half, we cross a line. Crossing this line takes us into some type of destructive behavior. It may be minor or major, but it will surly be destructive to some degree.

When we try and be responsible for what others do, it hurts us. It may even hurt them at times, too. We need to be in charge of our self, no one else, and that is enough. Actually, all that is ever required. You can feel it in your heart when you are crossing the line. It creates emotional pain and distress. Pay attention to those that cause you to feel distress because you will likely find that you have crossed that line; the line that if given full respect to and honored, will create peace and harmony.

This week do a personal survey and notice where the line is in your relationships. Pay attention to the ones that are creating pain and notice how you may be crossing the line. Step backwards and meet them only halfway. You will get some sense of relief, I guarantee!  You will feel better because you are no longer taking responsibility for something that is beyond your control. You will be honoring yourself and doing what is best for all involved.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Think Well of Yourself!

Your thoughts create your life. When you choose to think well of
yourself and love your life, you send a message out into the universe:
“Look at me, I love my life! I’m doing great!”

Amazingly, without delay, the universe sends well-being your way.
Speak loudly with your thoughts, speak very clearly, and speak of love
and good fortune—and the universe will make it appear.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Internally Grateful Weekly Newsletter, Volume 8: Bring Out the Best in You

Action for the week:

This will be a rather painless activity. Those are the best kind. Right? This is going to make you feel good for all the right reasons. It won't take long but the after effects will be permanent. So make sure you do it!

What do you admire most about yourself? 

Just one trait...yes, you can think of at least one. Perhaps it is your kind way with people, or your ability to make people laugh. Maybe it is your positive nature or willingness to help others. Take a moment to determine what you admire most about yourself.

Write it down in the middle of a piece of paper and circle it. Own that wonderful trait as you circle it with enthusiasm. Feel good about it!

Clear your head and keep the feel-good feeling flowing. 

Next to the circle with your admirable trait, write down a situation or person that you are having difficulties with, keep your good mood going, just jot it down. Now circle what you just wrote while keeping your natural high.

Look at what you just wrote on the page. See how you can join the two together. How can you use your admirable trait to resolve the issue you are concerned about?

Allow yourself to focus on what you can do and that you certainly can do it well. Allow yourself to see what you maybe did not see before. Surrender to making it work out on some level for you, simply because you can.

The solution may be much simpler than you imagined it could be. Very often, all that we need to do is have faith in our abilities and keep the good feelings going regardless of what is going on around us; stay on our path of self-empowerment.

Thought for the week:

The best in us is a reflection of our higher selves. Expressing this part of ourselves is truly magnificent.

Learn to Love Yourself

When you think about it objectively with an open mind, does it really make sense that we refrain from loving ourselves?

But sadly, this is often what happens:

We neglect ourselves and we judge ourselves.
We fail to see how important we are in life.
We do not embrace our strengths and blow our weaknesses out of proportion.
We hurt ourselves on many levels.

If you are doing such things, stop. Work at it every day until you do stop.
Learn to love yourself and make peace a daily practice.
Doesn't that seem like a better way to live your life?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Refreshing Your Mind

Do you ever feel like your stagnant? Do you ever feel bored and uninspired? Have you ever felt like life is just a repetition of the day before...and the day before that?

Time to refresh your mind. It doesn't matter what the trigger is or if it is just a mood can help yourself feel better and get inspired.

Here are some suggestions to get you going in the other direction:
  • Turn on some music and dance.
  • Go for a brisk walk.
  • Do some stretching exercises.
  • Go pet a cute puppy or kitty.
  • Spend some time with a child.
  • Write a note to someone you love.
  • Light a candle with your favorite scent.
  • Bake some chocolate chip cookies.
  • Talk to a dear friend.
  • Do something that will make you feel good.
What are you going to do to refresh your mind and feel better?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Give Yourself Permission (content from Internally Grateful Newsletter: Volume 7)

Give yourself permission to be better than you imagine yourself to be.

Yes, it may seem like a strange concept, but it is a very effective one. I have done it several times this week with great results.

It helps on multiple levels. First of all, we have a tendency to limit ourselves. We think that we are not capable of many things...many, many things. Secondly, we have fears and you understand how limiting they can be. Thirdly, we have neglected to see how truly wonderful we are and acknowledge the gifts and strengths that we possess.

With this in mind, think about a situation that is giving you some difficulties this week.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When I look at this situation, how am I limiting myself?

  • Do I think that I am not able to move through this situation because I am limiting what I can do to move forward?

  • Is fear limiting my perceptions and misleading me?

  • What gifts do I have that will enable me to make this better than I imagine?

  • What strengths do I have that will change what I perceive?

The truth is that we limit ourselves. We unknowingly set low standards for ourselves, but deep inside we know that we can do much more. Sometimes this is the very reason for our distress. heart painting

Develope a renewed perspective and eliminate some of your distress...

  • Think bigger! Much BIGGER!
  • Understand that you deserve better.
  • Give yourself permission to be better than you imagine yourself to be.

Lastly, write a note to yourself and give yourself permission to do your best and more; feel amazing about your gifts and strengths.

Thought for the week:

I give myself permission to be the best that I can be, to be greater than I imagine myself to be.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Storylines are the stories that incessantly play in our heads. It is the inner dialog that tell us what is and why. This dialog gives meaning to what is going on around us and predicts what the future will bring. Storylines define our lives. Our storylines repeatedly play in our heads and lead our thinking. Storylines are not necessarily true. Very often, our storylines are destructive to our well-being.

Start paying attention to the stories that play in your head. What are you telling yourself about the person you are dealing with or the situation at hand? Is the voice leading you toward misery and despair, or toward peace and joy? Is the story elevating you or making you feel bad?

If the story in your head is making you miserable then you might want to stop listening to that story. It is just a construct of your mind and it is a very limited perspective. For one, it is probably only a few sentences long. Life is really much bigger than that and perpetuating a few sentences in your head that make you feel bad just really doesn't make sense. A better option would be to shut the story down. Why recycle the same thoughts over and over when all they do is disempower you?

Reason two, storylines are based on the past. Today is a new day and you will miss opportunities to make your life better. There are many possible solutions and if you are too busy believing that little story in your head, you miss out on many opportunities.

Reason three, it is just a story, that is all. You are the author of your life so make it a good one!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make Fear Powerless

This week I have an activity that will help you see how some of your fears may not be based in reality. In fact, your fears may even contradict what you know to be true about yourself. This activity will help you see how you can finally put a stop to some of your fears.

This activity should take about 15 - 20 minutes.

  • You will need a pen and a piece of paper. Go find a quite area where you will not be disturbed. Be sure to turn off your cell phone.

  •  Draw a line across the top of the page and then one down the middle of the page so that you have two columns.

  • Write My Fears as a heading on the left side of the page.

  • Write My Strengths as a heading on the right side of the page.

  • Next, make a list under each heading. Write your fears on the left side and your strengths on right side.

When I did this I was absolutely amazed at what I learned out about myself. My fears directly contradicted my strengths. In other words, what I feared had no basis in reality.

I knew that I had certain strengths that I genuinely valued. With that in mind, if there was a fear related to a perceived strength then it was very easy for me to let it go and make it powerless; I could easily stop hanging on to any fears associated with my known strengths.

What did you learn about yourself? You can share it on my blog if you like.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

See Your Perfection

Today boasts of perfection. The sky is glowing. It is a bright, gorgeous shade of light cobalt blue, not one cloud in sight. The leaves are falling, dancing to the ground. Some of the trees are now a beautiful shade of orange and gold, even a few shades of burnt red are making their way into the fall landscape. The crunch of the leaves under my feet makes me feel all happy inside, although I really have no idea why. Maybe I just love the sound. As I walk on the wooded path, sunlight passes through the trees and sparkles on the forest floor and pavement below. It is like pure magic. I feel like I am experiencing a bit of heaven...absolute perfection. The decaying leaves and plants are glorious, too.

Then a thought springs forth from my visually intoxicated brain...we can see perfection in nature, but not in ourselves...we are part of creation just like the trees, sky and decaying plants. "How sad...I must work on that being a bigger part of my reality," I think to myself.

Join me...see how you are a creation of perfection.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Power of Distraction

As I am sure you have noticed, we (as a society and individually) tend to spend far too much time focusing on what is not all that important in life. We repeatedly fight the same inner battles day after day, yet fail to deepen an awareness of ourselves and heal. The material word distracts us from taking the time to enjoy life on a more meaningful level, and we fail to spend adequate time developing a spiritual connection. The material world we live in tells us what matters most, and we believe it to some degree.

We are distracted by many powerful forces each and every day. We rush around and try to do as much as we can thinking that is the best way to move through the day. We see power in money and knowledge, in controlling and acquiring.

Tragic world events grab our attention. Our dysfunctional relatives and friends suck us into their drama. A toxic work environment depletes our energy and make us miserable. We are regularly bombarded with negativity and told what are priorities should be.

Ironically, we insist that we are exhausting all our avenues to create a better life for ourselves, yet this may not really be the case. We are distracted by our surroundings and may do very little to improve our life. We unknowingly become victims instead of empowered individuals.   

This week get tuned into a higher frequency. Quit going in so many directions. Get centeredclear your head of unnecessary debris. Spend time reflecting on life and taking time to just sit back and feel grateful for the miracles that surround you each and every day. Use the power of distraction to distract you away from the material world, negativity and what isn’t all that important in life.  


Friday, September 30, 2011

We are soooo hard on ourselves...

I bet you know exactly what I am referring to...sad, but true. Somewhere along the line we just start beating on ourselves. What were we thinking when we began this destructive habit?

Did you ever find it beneficial to beat on someone? Did they become a better person because you judged them and called them out on what you perceived as their weaknesses? Ironically this is what we do to ourselves and sometimes worse. It does little to help us and it certainly does not empower us.

Pay attention to your self-judgment. Take note of the destruction it causes. Start building yourself up instead.

This weekend make a list of the traits that you value about yourself. List what makes you special and unique. Change your focus to being good to yourself. Believe me it will be a welcomed state!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Commitment This Week - Stay on Course

My weekly newsletter asked everyone to make a commitment to an empowering action this week. I have mine listed below. I hope that you will share your course of action this week in the comment field below my post.

 June's Commitment -

To fully surrender to unconditional love at all times.

What are you planning this week? Thank you for sharing.

Sending Peace Your Way,


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Monday, September 26, 2011


I find it amazing that when you're on track and your intentions are clear, you will surly know that you are doing what you need to do to transform your life and shift. It is so wonderful that we will be given the strength and resolve to keep going where we need to go to help ourselves create a more peaceful and loving lifestyle.

On a daily basis we get messages. The messages come in many forms. The messages can be very subtle. And sometimes, the messages are profound and obvious. Sometimes the message is expected to some degree, however, the ones that I love the most are the messages that take us by complete surprise and rock our reality.  Those are treasured moments. It really makes you realize that there is order in this seemingly chaotic world.

This week keep your eyes and ears open to the messages that will point you in the direction that you need to be heading. Marvel in the clarity and profound nature of the messages that come about unexpectedly. Have the mind of a child and move away from judgment and fear.

What messages are you experiencing this week? Where should you be heading and what should you let go of to get where you long to be?

Listen and observe carefully with a happy and joyful heart. Follow what your heart yearns for you to know.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look for the Jewels

I am in the Chicago area and we are starting to experience some mighty noticeable climate changes. Fall weather has arrived. I love the fall. The rich colors and coolness are invigorating!

Sometimes we fight the change in the weather and wish summer would stay. Or, if you are like me, you fight off the feeling of dread associated with the anticipation of the bitter cold that is lurking around the corner.

This morning I was thinking that embracing all change creates peace. Keeping our minds in the present and seeing the beauty that it brings will elevate our minds. Looking for the jewels in all moments and seasons will give us a renewed sense of joy. 

Today look for the jewels. Keep a tally. I would love to know how many you could find.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Being of Light

You are a spiritual being, a being of light. As you move through the week, think of yourself as a being of light. Think positive, loving thoughts like those of a being of light. Move away from fear and judgmental thoughts. Ask yourself how would a being of light think and raise your thoughts to match what you think they should be. See yourself differently, embrace your spirituality and allow it to flourish. Focus on staying in a peaceful mode no matter what is going on around you. Let no justification drag you back into a judgmental or fearful reality. Allow yourself to connect with what is truly good for you in a spiritual context. Push yourself toward the light and be filled with joy!

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Free!

I launched my newsletter yesterday! I am very excited.
Be sure to sign up for it if you haven't already. Click on the link on the toolbar to the left. It is free and will help you feel good. A rare combination. No, not really. A walk in the woods is free and makes you feel good. A sunset or sunrise certainly makes you feel good. A starry sky induces good feelings. A pretty flower or tree can do the same...a smile can work wonders. Sunlight brightens our mood. Music certainly does. Loved ones make you feel good. Singing feels good. Dancing, writing and painting make people feel good. Kindness, no matter if you are the giver or receiver makes you feel good.

What freebies in life make you feel good?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You are Amazing!

Yes, I am referring to you. You needed a reminder.
You seem to have forgotten or maybe you never knew.
Think about that instead of something negative or disempowering.
I think you will find it rather pleasant and appealing.
After all, you are amazing!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clearer Heads Prevail

Clearer heads prevail...not fearful heads, not judgmental heads, not angry heads...clearer heads!
Clear your head today of all stress and judgment. Withhold your opinions and expectations. Keep that beautiful head of yours clear. It will do you a world of good.

Try to clear your head for at least a couple of minutes this morning and then do it later this afternoon.
Try it once more before you go to bed.

A clear mind will give you the opportunity to be in the moment. It will feel very pleasant.
If it is helpful, think of something that makes you feel good, something that will take you beyond the stresses of the day.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feel Good Tuesday

Get out a piece of paper and a pen.

Write a list of what you have accomplished over the past several months. Things/activities/situations/relationships that you should be happy about and reinforce.

It may seem like you are bragging and being boastful but you really aren't. This is for your eyes only.
See what you have been able to accomplish instead of what you have failed to accomplish.

This activity will help you see your positive attributes (the light!) and shift your focus.

Now get to it...start that list and feel good!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Seeing the Light

It is rather ironic and sad...we seem to cling to the darkness instead of the light. I imagine that much of this is due to our conditioned habits and behaviors. Fear of course is a HUGE factor too. We tend to see all the obstacles before us. Sadly, the opportunities may not be visible at all.

Life is full of light. Unfortunately, we frequently block it out. We cling to the darkness.
It is a very bad habit that needs to be broken. A new habit needs to be created. Make your light so bright that your darkness will cease to exist.

Your new mantra: Cling to the light!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Affirmation for Today

I have knowingly and unknowingly placed limitations upon myself.
I choose to see the limitations that I have placed upon myself with the intention of removing them.
I choose to see beyond the constraints of my narrowed mind and see life differently.
I choose peace and love.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fear Not

This is the best advice that I can give today...
Follow it and make your day much more peaceful and pleasant.
After all, what good will your fear do?
NO good at all.
Let your positive, loving thoughts be stronger than your fear.
Give yourself permission to feel love instead.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


- Trust that you will get it done.
- Trust that you will be okay.
- Trust that you will know what to do.
- Trust that you will find your way.
- Trust that you will learn what you need to learn.
- Trust yourself with all your heart...
Trust is your motto for today.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feel Good Today

Here is a challenge for today: feel good. Make it your mantra. Keep your thoughts positive. If negativity rises, shift. Allow yourself to create this reality for yourself today, all day. When you sense some anger or frustration coming on, take some deep breaths and recall your mantra for the day.

This will exercise your muscles of self-control. Building those muscles will teach you that you are in control of how you respond to life. Sometimes we forget that we choose what we think, say and do. Or, we get sucked in to our own drama and let it lead the way.

Not today. You have better things in mind. Feel good.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Worry-not Warrior

Are you tired of worrying? Are you unnecessarily thinking about potential worst case scenarios and how to deal with them? Do you waste away precious energy imagining how difficult life will be once this fantasy situation comes to fruition? Do you spend more time experiencing anxiety about what might happen instead of enjoying what is happening? Do you feel that you are stressed more than you really should be?
How much time have you spent worrying about things that have never happened? What positive impact has your worry had on you and your life? What negative affects has it had on you emotionally and physically? How has it impacted your choices? How has it limited your perceptions?
Sure, we benefit from acting responsibly and taking care of ourselves and others in a caring way. We benefit greatly from looking at a situation head on and determining the best course of action to take to solve problems and make life better. These are all positives until worry comes into play. Worry does not have to be part of our internal process. Worry sometimes becomes a part of the process, but it is not a requirement.
Knowing these things, which many us of do, doesn’t necessarily help us stop worrying. Sometimes worry just takes over. Our stomach starts getting queasy and our heart starts speeding up. Then our worrisome thoughts take control.
Soon we start believing our worrisome thoughts and, before you know it, another worrisome thought rises, and then another, and another. After a while, depending on how fearful we feel at the time, the thoughts eventually subside. Shortly after, we start to feel a bit better.
Often we feel great frustration with ourselves because we know that worry really isn’t necessary. We just can’t figure out how to stop it. On some level it just seems inevitable and a normal part of life.
Here is a suggestion to help you beat worry. Adopt the attitude of a warrior. Imagine that you are capable of winning all the battles that are coming your way. Picture yourself wearing full armor. Imagine that you carry all the weapons needed to handle the situation at hand. See yourself as being capable and courageous, and readily equipped with an endless arsenal of solutions. Look your worry in the eye and move past it with confidence and strength.
Take a few moments and let yourself vividly create this new reality in your mind. Take some deep breaths and make a commitment to win the battle against worry. Visually see yourself winning the fight; fending off worry as you move through the day. Picture yourself with the confidence and determination of a warrior, winning all your internal battles against worry. Imagine yourself taking your sword and striking your worries away. See the pictures in your mind and let it flow into your reality.
Abide by a new strategy: perceive yourself as a victor and settle for nothing less. Put your vision to action and make it happen. Give yourself the opportunity to become a worry-not warrior and feel victorious during the battles that ensue throughout your day.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Raising the Bar (follow up to Survivor or Thrivor)

Raising the bar is reaching beyond what you currently know and possibly fear. Being in a state of allowing and putting your limiting thoughts to the side and doing your best to silence them. It is not an easy feat to go into the unknown and it may feel unsettling. However, it certainly does not mean that you should turn around and fall into old habits.

We have many bad habits and one of them is judgment. Sure, judgment has a place in life, but very often we use it in a way that stunts our growth. We use it in a way that limits our perceptions. We see the past instead of the bright possibilities of the present moment and future. We are judge and jury and we are viewing life through a veil of fear.

Life would be much more peaceful if we just dropped the judge and jury mentality. If we just felt good about what lies ahead and trusted our abilities to do what we will need to do each moment of the day. As you know, sometimes it is easy to transcend judgment and other times it is not. Sometimes we just feel good no matter what and that all is well. Sometimes we spiral into a bit of a frenzy and get caught up in our judgment and fear.

Believe me, I know. That is when you need to just let it go and shift to a more loving perspective. This may require that you go boldly into the unknown. That you hold your head high and trust the loving voice that tells you that you are really fine. You surrender to raising the bar....yes, surrender. You let your guard down and raise that bar. You give yourself the opportunity to rise to the occassion and push yourself forward.

You become you own advocate. You help yourself out. You let the past fade and be in the present and listen to the loving voice that will guide you forward into the unknown. The loving voice will always be there to see you through and provide you with wisdom that will enable you to do whatever it is that you need to do.

Today, raise your bar. Combat that feeling that is keeping you where you are and listen to the loving voice instead. Think about what thriving means to you personally and take action to make it your reality. Go a step beyond survival. Allow yourself to do even better than you have in the past.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Survivor or Thrivor?

Are you a survivor or a thrivor? You have to pick one. Yes, one. Which one overall describes you the best? Read on after you pick one.

A survivor is a person who has dealt with adversity, difficult circumstances and has lived to tell about it. Survivors can handle what life throws at them and come back for more. Survivors fight the battle and end up being okay after it is over. When the next battle comes about, they do what they need to do to get through it. Yes, they have scars, but they made it and are ready to do it again.

A thrivor has a slightly different approach to life. Yes, they too have dealt with difficult circumstances and rise above adversity; however, they go beyond being okay. One could say that they raise the bar. They find ways to make life easier, more fulfilling and satisfying. Thrivors want what is best for the situation, and take their wellbeing into consideration. Many thrivors are former survivors.

If you are a survivor, be thankful for your ability to cope and get through battle. Be grateful for your scars and what they have taught you about life. Know that your courage is an admirable attribute and it has helped you through many difficulties. Feel good about yourself and what you have done.

If you are a thrivor, be thankful for what you see. Be grateful for your wisdom and the love that you possess. You have realized what matters in life and practice it openly. You have an understanding that many do not. You are gifted in ways that others are not. Feel good about yourself and what you have done.

Now ask yourself which you would prefer to be: a survivor or a thrivor.

If you are a survivor, you may want to become a thrivor; make life easier and more fulfilling, allow yourself to get more out of life and feel even better. Learn to do what is best for your wellbeing and come to understand what matters most in life.

Thrivors, I am sure you like where you reside and that is understandable; however, you can raise the bar even higher and get more out of life and feel even better. You can embrace life in a bigger and more loving way.

I have been a grateful survivor and I am thankful that I am learning to thrive. Thriving certainly makes life more satisfying and fulfilling to say the least; however, the bar can always go higher. So I raise the bar once more today and will do it again tomorrow.

What about you? What are you going to do to help yourself move past survival? How can you thrive instead of survive? How are you going to raise the bar today? How about tomorrow?

See yourself as deserving a life filled with total peace and joy. Keep moving forward each and every day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Morning

It's Monday, a new week is upon us. Mondays can be a very difficult day for many people. The weekend has ended and now back to the grind. Unfortunately, the dread of Monday often creeps into Sunday evening...a bit of apprehension sets in as Sunday comes to a bittersweet end. Yes, I know the feeling.

I have a challenge for you on this beautiful Monday morning...go ahead and guzzle that coffee of yours first or eat something that will get your body going...Are you ready?

Take three breaths...slowly and deeply. Ask yourself why you should feel miserable today and what it is that you hope to accomplish from feeling this dreaded way. Seriously, ask yourself.

Did you come up with an answer? If you did, take note. This answer is reason that you are not feeling good this morning. You may have a good reason for feeling bad today. Or perhaps you are just sulking wishing things were better.

Either way, try looking at life differently this morning. Ask yourself instead why you should feel good this morning and what you would accomplish if you did.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Inner Critic

Have you ever taken the time to step back and evaluate your inner critic? Do you know what an inner critic is and how it impacts your day?

An inner critic is a voice that plays in your head that tells you how unworthy you are and how you are a failure on some level. This critic will sabotage you every chance it gets. Even people with good intentions can be swayed by this destructive force. An inner critic has one mission in mind: to destroy good intentions.

I have a strong feeling that you know exactly what I am referring to and that you may even have more than one lurking in that beautiful mind of yours. It seems that inner critics are part of life. Perhaps they are inherited and/or developed during childhood. Maybe we are suppose to have an inner critic of sorts to keep us balanced and in check, but somewhere along the lines of evolution it turned ugly on us and tipped the scales toward self-sabotage.

Regardless of the reason for its existence, it would be best for you to learn to ignore your inner critic. Take notice of its presence and turn the tables. Sabotage your inner critic. Tell your inner critic that it is ignorant and is the one with the problem...not you. Stop listening to it and see its ramblings as false and meaningless. Take back any power that you unknowingly gave it and feel love instead.

Each and every time you hear your inner critic today, shut it down and feel love instead.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More on Fear

Well...I think that I need to write a bit more about fear. It is a subject that I happen to know a great deal about. Too bad it isn't something like gourmet cooking or the structure of atomic particles...nope, fear. When you encounter something on a daily basis, you can't help but become an expert of some sorts. The irony is that you may not even know that you are becoming such an expert. You can live for decades and be unaware that you are extraordinarily skilled at living in fear. I was one such expert for many years. Now, however, I am an expert at letting go of fear.

Believe me, I had plenty of fears to work with to develop my skills and strategies. I became very creative because there was soooo much to work with...I say this in jest but it is true. It became a special mission of mine: Let go of fear! I spent every day looking at what was motivating me and shifted gears each time that I realized that fear was involved. It was quite the exhausting process at times and I cursed myself on more than one occasion for deciding that fear should be eliminated from my life.

Over time, it became easier to do and I felt better all the time. Fear became less overwhelming and diminished. I am grateful for all the times that I worked hard to feel better about life. I am even more grateful that love rises now instead of fear. I am not a love expert yet, but I think that I will be someday. I like the sound of that much better anyway.

So hang in there and keep letting it will go if you keep at it. I promise and you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fear Factor

The following question has been asked by countless individuals:
Is man innately good or evil?

My life experience has shown me that man is innately love—good, but easily overcome with fear—evil. This fear is an “evil” of our minds, an ill that causes all of our self-destructive behaviors that steer us away from love.

Ironically, this fearful state is recognizable, undeniable and identifiable. So, what gives? What motivates us to change our lives for the better? What causes us to fully recognize our own self-created, self-destructive behaviors that we continuously repeat throughout our lives?

You and I, as individuals, give way to every moment we each create as human beings living on this planet earth. We are here to create life: the life that we each choose, as individuals, for better or for worse. Each day, we make countless choices that determine the direction of our lives. We, as individuals, have the ability to choose whatever we desire for ourselves. Each day provides us with new opportunities to grow and learn, and we all can make choices that will improve our world beyond measure.

Heal Yourself:

This week pay attention to what motivates your thoughts and actions.

Is it fear or love?

When fear is motivating you, step back and take on a loving perspective instead. Ask yourself how you can be motivated by love and allow yourself to understand the benefits of this fresh perspective.

At times, you may find yourself choosing the same actions, but your motivation will be different. Your thoughts will be based on love. This will create a peaceful dynamic within your mind that previously did not exist.

We are creatures of habit and unaware that we react from our past. Changing your motivation to love will bring about a welcomed state of healing; a shift to a better way of life. You will feel the difference and be amazed at how good you can feel.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Unconditional Love

I have been thinking about the subject of unconditional love lately.
Defining unconditional love was of value and it helped me move forward. 

Unconditional love - love without judgment, expectations and fear; love no matter what; no conditions required to experience love

Love no matter what sums it up for me.

How do you define unconditional love?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Choose Consciously

We are each given the opportunity to choose what we want for ourselves. We choose what direction we go in, what we think and feel, and the words that leap from our lips to name a few. We choose our attitude and how we interact with other people. We choose all day long whether we think about it or just react out of conditioned behaviors. We may be aware of our choices or simple just let them happen.
The power that you uniquely possess can be hidden from your view. You may not realize that you are making choices all day long that determine the next moment that seemingly comes about without cause. The power that you possess internally, your inner wisdom, can help you see what you are missing as an opportunity to move in a direction that you would prefer for yourself. Very often, we merely allow life to come about by chance with no intent in mind. 
Taking the time to connect with your inner wisdom via reflection, journaling or a dialog (questioning yourself and allowing the answers to surface) will enable you to make better choices for yourself. It creates the opportunity for you to move in a direction with intent, toward what you would truly prefer and with your well-being leading the way. You see, your inner wisdom naturally moves you toward well-being and self-love. Both of these ingredients are likely lacking to some extent in your daily existence and making room for their expansion will bring about welcomed opportunities for a more desirable lifestyle and peace.
Your discontent can be remedied whether it seems eminent or not. You do have a choice on where you go from here, but you may not know it. Exercising your ability to move in a direction through conscious choice adds a new dynamic to your day; it empowers and brings a new reality into your view. You can see life in a whole new light; a light that leads you where you prefer to be. Let you next choice be one that gets you where you want to be.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Creating Yourself

I am sure that many of you are very familiar with the famous following quote (author unknown):
Life is not a about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.
I always love the use of the word creating. It appeals to the artist in me and I love the power that it suggests; the personal power that we all possess. It is comforting to me.
We are not lost although we may feel that we are…we are simply here, living life. So with this in mind, if we shift to a perspective that engages creativity as a means of living the life we desire, a whole new dimension can emerge.
If we ask ourselves what we want to create, we open the doorway to do just that...create what we want. 
What shall I create? Ask yourself and start creating. See what wonderful moments you can experience as a result. Do it on a small scale and then let it expand…and expand…and expand.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today is a New Day

Today is a new day. What do you want for yourself? What do you no longer wish to perpetuate? There is no reason you cannot stand strong and do today what you were unable to do yesterday. Don’t allow fear to dictate your life. Don’t allow your self-doubt and weaknesses to overcome your inner wisdom. Just stand strong one minute at a time if need be.  And, as each moment comes about, give yourself the chance to hang in there and stand strong. 
If you allow yourself to approach life one minute at a time, it is less difficult to move through. The moment at hand will seem far less difficult. It may even seem pleasant much to your surprise. I have made it through many difficult moments and with far less effort when I think this way. We truly make life far more difficult than it needs to be.  
When I stopped expecting the outside world to change for my benefit, my stress levels dropped dramatically. For some reason we think that when we engage in spiritual growth the world will become more peaceful…WRONG. You become more peaceful and are able to cope more easily because of your growth. The outside world will likely remain the same but you will be different. Don’t fight what is happening; embrace it and bless it, and look for how you can rise above it. Stand strong and know that you have what it takes to get beyond the obstacle you perceive before you.