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June is an artist, writer, speaker and advocate for self-empowerment. In 1999, illness overcame her life. During her unwavering search for physical wellness, she stumbled upon the subject of emotional wellness. This discovery led her down a path of self-empowerment for which she will always be grateful. It opened the doorway to her heart. As a result, she has spent a great deal of the past fourteen years focusing on personal growth and self-help. June’s mission is to share what she has learned with other people to support them on their wondrous and sometimes rocky journey. She conducts workshops, writes and paints to share her passion and wisdom with her fellow advocates for self-empowerment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Be an agent of change. ( Internally Grateful - Newsletter 11)

Action for the week:

Life is ours to create. Sometimes we forget that this is true. We give people, situations and circumstances the authority to rule our reality. We settle and accept what we truly find unacceptable. We look to others to save us (wouldn't that be great) instead of ourselves. We allow fear to rule instead of love.

We can change our situations and circumstances. We have the full authority to do so. We can be active participants in the creation of our reality or passive participants. The choice is always ours to make.

Take a few moments this week to think about something that has been troubling you. Something that you are having a difficult time being at peace with in your life. Allow yourself look at the situation with change in mind, with love in mind.

Ask yourself the following questions and thoughtfully answer them:

What do I really want out of this situation?

What am I creating?

Am I being an active or passive participant?

What do I need to understand to to change this situation and be more loving?

How can I become the authority in this situation and feel more peaceful?
 heart painting

Thought for the week:

Allow love be your ruling authority, love for yourself
and love for all.

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