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June is an artist, writer, speaker and advocate for self-empowerment. In 1999, illness overcame her life. During her unwavering search for physical wellness, she stumbled upon the subject of emotional wellness. This discovery led her down a path of self-empowerment for which she will always be grateful. It opened the doorway to her heart. As a result, she has spent a great deal of the past fourteen years focusing on personal growth and self-help. June’s mission is to share what she has learned with other people to support them on their wondrous and sometimes rocky journey. She conducts workshops, writes and paints to share her passion and wisdom with her fellow advocates for self-empowerment.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Refuse to Define

One of the most liberating activities that we can do for ourselves is refuse to define; no longer assign an absolute meaning to people, places and things. Assign no absolutes to anything.

Why? We are not all that well informed about much of the stuff (people, places and things) that we define. Sure, we think that we are, but our view is very, very, very limited (imagine 1,000 verys before the word limited). Our worldview is based on our own experiences and our past. Our knowledge is limited as well. And, for those of you that have been on the path of self-empowerment, you do know that we have a tendency to judge and project. All of these elements dramatically affect our thinking and how we define the world around us.

When you refuse to define, it opens your mind to opportunities, to understanding and to peace. Possibilities start emerging instead of limitations, dread and fear. Creativity and imagination move into action; you can see what you were unable to before because you were making the stuff fit your small worldview.

The world is full of infinite possibilities and rich with opportunities when you decide to no longer define. It gives rise to a new and improved perspective and attitude. Growth and progress is the result. After all, growth and progress happen because we are willing to see something new, something that we did not see before. 

Liberate yourself and open your mind. Refuse to define and see something new, something that elevates you.


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nice post

June Blunk said...

Thank you for your comment. I am glad that you like my post!