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June is an artist, writer, speaker and advocate for self-empowerment. In 1999, illness overcame her life. During her unwavering search for physical wellness, she stumbled upon the subject of emotional wellness. This discovery led her down a path of self-empowerment for which she will always be grateful. It opened the doorway to her heart. As a result, she has spent a great deal of the past fourteen years focusing on personal growth and self-help. June’s mission is to share what she has learned with other people to support them on their wondrous and sometimes rocky journey. She conducts workshops, writes and paints to share her passion and wisdom with her fellow advocates for self-empowerment.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Internally Grateful Weekly Newsletter, Volume 14

Relax, it all will get done.
Action for the week:

I know that you have too much to do. We all do at times and sometimes all too often! This is when you have to be stronger than your conditioned mind. You have a story playing in your head and it goes something like this...

First the to-do-list is recited in your head. Then thoughts of how you can rush through the day and get a portion of it done. Or perhaps you are trying to figure out how you can get three weeks of tasks done in one day (like that is even the slightest bit realistic) and you feel pressured that you will never be able to get it all done. 

You body tenses up and then more feelings of inadequacy start surfacing and then you feel even worse than you did before. Not helpful in the least!

Unfortunately, many people excel at self-torture. I certainly have but I learned that very often it is just a bad habit. A habit that can be broken. You are not going to participate in any self-torture this holiday season. Here is what you are going to do to kick the habit:

When you start going to the dark places, pressuring yourself and feeling inadequate, simply stop yourself right then and there. Say to yourself that you are no longer going to play this game. It is a game after all. Tell yourself that you are going to be relaxed and that you are going to interject a new story: I will get it all done. 

If it is helpful make a list of what needs to be done and then write a realistic target date for completion. Do what is most important and urgent first. Don't add any drama to the process.

Another important thing to do is ask for help. Look
for ways to ease your burden and enlist a bit of help! 

Thought for the week:

I will get it all done. I feel relaxed and good
about my ability to get done what needs to get done.
Peace of mind is at the top of my list! 

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